We'll Guess What Girls Like About You Based on Your Fast Food Order

Talin Vartanian

What's your go-to fast-food chain for a late-night snack?

Is it a crime to order a burger without French fries and a drink?

Which of these condiments makes a burger a little more tasty?

There is no point in living life if you can't have ________ fries.

What is the best type of protein to order for a Chipotle burrito?

You only have $5 to spend at McDonald's. Which of these value-menu options will fill you up?

Sonic is known for their wide array of drinks. Which of these cold beverages will quench your thirst?

A Panda Express Chinese takeout day calls for which of these crunchy appetizers?

Who serves the best fried chicken: KFC or Popeyes?

You're about to win your loved one over with which of these Popeyes side dishes?

In-N-Out Burger is known for several "secret" menu items, but which one is your favorite?

Which of these international fast food items would you be willing to sample?

The early morning hours are a little more manageable with which of these Jack in the Box breakfast items?

Which of these Subway sandwiches makes eating out feel a little more healthy?

Starbucks is known for pastries, hot coffee and blended drinks. What is the most flavorful Frappuccino at Starbucks?

Your happiness is found in only one of these donuts at Dunkin' Donuts, but which one is it?

The great burger debate can only be settled with you. Which fast food chain serves the best burger?

Aside from pizza, what is the next best thing to satisfy your cravings at Pizza Hut?

Nothing beats stress like which of these specialty items at Taco Bell?

Dessert cravings can come out of nowhere, but they're no match for which of these Dairy Queen treats?

How many pieces of KFC chicken could you devour in one sitting?

Roast beef is what Arby's is best known for, but which of these roast-beef sandwiches tastes like pure heaven?

Out of the 31 ice cream flavors at Baskin-Robbins, which one is #1 to you?

Besides chicken, Chick-fil-A offers several different types of tangy, sweet and spicy sauces. Which one is the tastiest to you?

Fresh breads are one of Panera Bread's specialties, but which one do you prefer?

Burger King's flame-grilled burgers pack a lot of tasty flavors, but which one rules, in your opinion?

Classic sandwiches are a pretty big deal at Jimmy John's. Choose one of these sandwiches to fill you up for the day.

Wingstop is no stranger to flavor. Pick one of these flavors to make some wings a little more tasty.

An afternoon lunch calls for a meal at El Pollo Loco. Which of these meals will satisfy your hunger?

You've probably seen an Auntie Anne's in a mall, but have you ever ordered one of their pretzels?

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About This Quiz

If you only think that fast food is about flavors and how much you can eat, think again! This quiz will take you on a culinary tour through a variety of well-known fast-food chains that you've probably eaten at before. And let's be honest for a moment: Fast food is more than just about combo meals and a la carte items. It actually reveals some of your underlying personality traits that make the ladies take notice! And even if you don't eat fast food that much, it's time to light a spark in your imagination and pick a few menu items that sounds tasty to you!

Fast-food chains provide a quick and delicious meal to customers who may be on a budget and a time crunch. Most menu items are under $10 and may be ordered a la carte or as a combo meal. Fast food is also a great way to try new types of menu items without breaking the bank. And if you're really adventurous, you can even mix and match a variety of sauces and seasonings on certain types of burgers, fries and even desserts! Tell us more about your fast-food preferences to see what girls really dig about you!

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