We'll Show You 3 Tools, You Tell Us What Job They're Associated With

By: Kennita Leon

A builder is someone who works in the field of construction; he or she is usually hired for the repair or the establishment of homes and industrial buildings. Builders usually work independently and are often self-employed but may be subcontracted to work on a specific project.

A singer refers to anyone who sings, particularly on a professional level. Some singers may offer their artistic talent on various platforms, such as during congregation at church.

Hairdressers are beauty professionals employed in the field of cosmetology. Their job is to cut, style and beautify hair according to their clients' wants and needs.

A journalist/reporter is someone who is responsible for producing articles or news items for print media or television. These usually reflect what events are taking place in a particular country, region or the world at large

A police officer is a trained professional of the police force who is hired to enforce the law of a particular country or state. They are trained to deal with a range of different situations and are also licensed to carry a weapon

Medical practitioners who perform surgical operations on patients in order to treat disease or injury are known as surgeons. Surgeons work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals to determine the best treatment for the patient.

A lawyer is someone who has studied law or is employed within the legal profession to practice law. They are expected to advise clients on matters pertaining to the law and to also represent them in court.

A magician is an entertainer who performs magic tricks to amuse and captivate onlookers/their audience. They usually work at a particular venue, perform for private and public events and may be hired by a company.

A secretary is someone who works in an office and is responsible for handling correspondence, filing documents, composing letters, organizing meetings and making telephone calls.

A butcher is a tradesman whose job is to slaughter animals and to prepare their meat to sell. They may work in a butcher shop or slaughterhouse and may provide the meat on a retail or wholesale basis.

A tailor refers to an individual who makes their living by making clothes to suit the preferences of their clientele. Tailors also repair clothing either by hand or with the use of a sewing machine.

A soldier is someone who represents his/her country/state in the army. All potential soldiers must attend "boot camp," which is formally known as Basic Combat Training.

A fisherman is someone who captures fish to sell for a living or simply for their own pleasure/recreation. Some fishermen capture the fish for their own consumption and others sell it in within their country and abroad, for profit.

A photographer is someone who captures photos of people, places and other matters of interest, for a living.

A veterinarian is a person who cares for and treats animals that are sick or injured. While we as humans turn to medical doctors for advice and help in times of illness, pet owners turn to vets to cure or save the life of their pet.

Judges are legal professionals who make the final decisions regarding legal disputes. In the courtroom, they mediate between the two parties as they present their case, they assess the evidence and make objective decisions to settle the matter.

A dentist or a dental surgeon is someone who cares for teeth and administers treatment for diseases of the mouth. They also provide information to clients on how their diet favorably or adversely affects their oral health.

A salesperson is either a man or woman whose job is to appeal to potential clients in order to sell them various goods or services.

A teacher is an educator; someone who is responsible for educating children within a school system on various topics such as English, mathematics, health and social sciences.

A farmer is someone who cultivates crops or manages livestock on a farm.

A scientist is an individual who carries out scientific research studies. By observing and investigating, scientists collect data on various research fields, analyze and interpret the collected data and results to understand behaviors.

A painter is an artist or sketcher who paints images. Someone who is responsible for coating walls and other surfaces with paint, wallpaper and other finishes as part of their profession is also considered a painter.

A nurse is a professional within the healthcare sector who is trained to provide care to people who are sick or injured. Nurses provide support for doctors and other medical workers by identifying and treating patients through conducting tests, administering medication, assisting with medical procedures and monitoring the physical and mental health condition of these patients.

Someone who extracts coal, ore and other valuable minerals from the earth is called a miner. This occupation is considered one of the most dangerous trades worldwide and in some countries, miners do not possess social assurances thus in the case of injury, they are often left to cope without assistance.

An individual who "waits" on tables, usually at a restaurant, bar or cafe is referred to as a waiter in the case of a male and waitress if the person is female. The non-gendered term "server" is also commonly used.

Also referred to as a custodian, cleaner or caretaker, a janitor is someone whose job entails cleaning and maintaining buildings such as residential accommodations, schools, hospitals and others.

A gym instructor is a fitness trainer who helps individuals improve their fitness and overall health by leading and organizing single client or group exercise programs.

Astronomers are responsible for observing and understanding the behavior of matter, studying conditions occurring in space, and for discovering the particles involved in such processes.

A security guard sometimes referred to as a security officer or protective agent, is employed by a company to protect and secure the company's assets.

A person whose profession mainly includes cutting, dressing, grooming and shaving the hair of men and boys is known as a barber. The place in which a barber conducts his work is called a barbershop. For many, barbershops like hair salons are locations where people engage in open debates, public discourse, and overall social interaction.

A mechanic is a professional who is trained in the repairing and maintaining of motorized vehicles. An essential part of this individual's daily tasks involves the understanding of diesel motors and internal combustion as well as the process of dismantling and reassembling parts.

DJ is the abbreviated form of disc jockey, which is used to describe a person who plays and mixes exciting recorded music from various sources such as laptops, digital audio files, CDs or cassettes, for live audiences.

A butler is a name given to a senior male servant in a large household who typically manages the wine cellar, pantry and dining room. Butlers are the highest servant status assigned and are occasionally used as chauffeurs. They are also in charge of the other male servants.

In a variety of sporting activities, a referee is regarded as a person in an authoritative position whose responsibility includes presiding over the game from an unbiased or neutral point of view.

A professional who goes underwater to perform specific tasks at sea, in rivers, lakes, canals or reservoirs is called a diver.

A metalsmith who produces objects from steel or wrought iron through forging the metal is called a blacksmith. These specialists possess the general knowledge of making and repairing items from complex weapons to simple items such as nails.

A nanny is a caretaker who is responsible for a child while his or her parents are at work. Nannies duties include the preparation of meals, household chores, assisting with school work, driving the children to and from activities and more.

A lifeguard is assigned to monitoring a beach or recreational facility, ensuring that swimmers are educated and adhering to safety rules as well as that others are facing no issues while in the water.

A cobbler, also referred to as a shoemaker, is a person who makes, designs, restores and repairs footwear. This profession has been considered one of the oldest as it has been handed down from generation to generation with the trade being learned as a family craft.

Also called an animal keeper, a zookeeper is someone who is assigned to manage zoo animals that are displayed for the public and are thus kept in captivity for conservation.

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About This Quiz

When it comes to work, each and every job has its requirements. Once we fit those and become whatever the role requires, there are certain thing that we need to learn how to use. For example, in order to be a police officer, one would need to learn how to use a gun, a Taser and some handcuffs. Why? Because those are the tools of the trade. 

So, in honor of that, we want to test your knowledge on the tools of the trade when it comes to regular, everyday jobs. We're gonna look at doctors, judges, magicians and lifeguards and it'll be your duty to choose their names when we show you three items they use at their jobs. 

And if you get stuck, which may actually happen, we have a few hints in place to help you figure out which direction you should go in. For example, if we tell you "someone who saves people from drowning," what's the first thing that comes to mind? A lifeguard, right?

So, this is exactly how this quiz will go. We'll show you the three items and you'll tell us what the job is. If you get stuck, you'll use our hint. Got it? Well, let's get started!

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