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He scared the pants off of generations of teenagers (and their parents). How much do you know about Hollywood icon Wes Craven?

What was one of Wes Craven's best-known nicknames?

He was considered a "Master of Horror" because of his skill in creating terrifying blockbuster films.


Where was Craven born?

Craven was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1939.


Craven is probably best known for creating which film franchise?

He's the evil genius behind "A Nightmare on Elm Street," which starred everyone's worst nightmare, the monster named Freddy Krueger.


Craven abandoned his career in academia to create what sort of films?

He used a pseudonym for his work, but he said he directed many adult films during his early career.


What was the name of the first film that Craven directed?

He wrote, directed and edited 1972's "The Last House on the Left," which did very well at the box office and received good reviews from many critics.


What was the budget for "The Last House on the Left"?

Made for only $87,000, the film made more than $3 million in the U.S., creating huge buzz around the up-and-coming Craven.


Why was "The Last House on the Left" banned or censored in many countries?

The over-the-top violence made this film infamous, and it was banned in the United Kingdom.


How many times did Craven marry?

He was married three times, mostly recently in 2004. He also had two children.


What role did Craven have in the creation of 1996's "Scream"?

He struck directorial gold again with "Scream," which infused Hollywood with a new round of horror films.


What was Craven's budget for "A Nightmare on Elm Street"?

The film was made for less than $2 million but grossed more than $26 million domestically, making Craven's Freddy Krueger a household name.


Craven frequently collaborated with which other well-known Hollywood figure?

Cunningham has worked on many horror-related projects, particularly the "Friday the 13th" franchise.


Why wasn't a computer game called "Wes Craven's Principles of Fear" ever released to the public?

The publisher failed, meaning the game never saw the light of day. It was supposed to be released around Halloween in 1997.


How much did "Scream" earn at the box office?

By earning $173 million or so, the film reaffirmed Craven's status as a horror film mastermind.


How many nonhorror movies did Craven direct?

For one feature film, the Master of Horror veered into drama with "Music of the Heart," which was released in 1999.


Who starred in "Music of the Heart"?

Streep received good reviews for her performance. This was Craven's only film to receive any Academy Award nominations.


Which actor skyrocketed to fame after appearing in a Wes Craven film?

Depp had a large role in "A Nightmare on Elm Street," and then his career blossomed into true Hollywood stardom.


When did Craven publish his first novel?

He published "Fountain Society" in 1999. The book was a thriller centered around the idea of human cloning.


True or false: Craven was raised in a strict Catholic household.

His family was indeed very religious, but they were Baptist, not Catholic.


What role did Craven NOT have during the creation of "The Hills Have Eyes"?

He wasn't producer, but he did write, edit and direct the movie, which was released in 1977.


Which Craven film was released in 1991?

For "The People Under the Stairs," Craven was director, executive producer and writer.


Which actress began making a name for herself by starring in Craven's "Deadly Blessing"?

The 1981 film was one of Sharon Stone's first big roles. She's best known for "Basic Instinct."


"Music of the Heart" was nominated for which Academy Award?

Meryl Streep was nominated for best actress. The film was also nominated for best music, original song.


What inspired the visual aesthetic of Freddy Krueger?

It was a creepy, older guy Craven saw as a child, and the memory was brought to life through Freddy.


How many of the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movies did Craven direct?

He directed two: the first one and then "New Nightmare" in 1994.


How much did 2010's "My Soul to Take" make at the box office?

With a budget of $25 million, the film was a rare flop from a man who typically rewarded his investors.


Craven was slated to direct which sort of superhero film in the 1980s?

He was selected to direct "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace," but (perhaps appropriately) creative differences ended this opportunity.


Who starred in Craven's "Red Eye," which was released in 2005?

McAdams also starred in "Mean Girls," "The Notebook" and "Wedding Crashers."


How did Wes Craven die?

Craven developed brain cancer and died in Los Angeles in 2015.


Craven directed a documentary about which president?

The film followed Clinton during his last days in office and was intended to be a centerpiece of Clinton's presidential library.


What was the name of the last film that Craven helped to create?

"The Girl in the Photographs" featured Craven as producer, and it received poor reviews. Fortunately, Craven will live on forever through the menacing grin of Freddy Krueger.


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