What % Cunning Is Your Cat?

Teresa McGlothlin

Does your cat demand attention or make you work for it?

If your cat had a day job, what would it be?

Using one word, how would you describe your cat's attitude?

What sort of present does your cat leave you most often?

Does your cat sleep on your computer keyboard?

How does your cat react when people come to visit?

Which of these cat toys does your cat like most?

What do you think your cat does while you are at work?

What do you and your cat have in common?

Which cat noise does your cat make most often?

How old is your favorite feline?

Does your cat eat all the food in the food bowl?

If your house cat were a big cat, which one would it be?

Where does your cat usually leave hairballs for you?

What is your cat's favorite type of food?

If your cat were any other animal, what would it be?

Does your cat come to you when you call for it?

How did you meet your cat?

How many of its nine lives has your cat used up?

How would your cat react to having a bath?

What is your feline friend's best quality?

Which cat costume would your cat look best wearing?

If your cat could be arrested for a crime, what would it be?

Which cartoon cat is your cat most like?

Would you enjoy switching lives with your cat?

How does your cat behave when you are the vet?

If your cat had a superpower, which one would it be?

How does your cat let you know that it needs something?

How would you rate your cat's manners?

What do you think your cat dreams about?

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Image: Tara Moore / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

They say that dogs are our best friends, but cats have a lot to offer, too. Well, most cats! Some cats are far too cunning to be a true friend, though. After you tell us about the way your cat behaves, we will let you know exactly the type of wily creature you are sharing your home with! 

We are, by no means, saying that dogs are superior to cats. In fact, we are certified cat lovers around here. However, we know so much about cats that it's impossible to ignore the intelligence they really possess. Cats are not like other creatures. They know what they want, and they know how to silently get it. 

From the way your cat behaves when you are at work to the things it does to let you know that the food bowl is empty, your cat is full of all sorts of cunning moves! Once we learn how your cat approaches the world, we'll let you know about its powers of maintaining control over your lives. 

Is your cat as cunning as a criminal or as sweet as a cherry pie? Finish this quiz, and give yourself an advantage! How cunning is your cat exactly? Let's find out!

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