What % Husband Material Is He?

Zoe Samuel

Can he be the only sober person at the party?

Have you ever seen him call out another man for boorish or sexist behavior?

Does he believe women should serve men?

Does he care about your dreams and goals?

Can he cook?

Can he sew on a button?

Would you trust him to do your laundry without ruining your stuff?

Does he get hung up on who earns more?

Is he comfortable with his body?

Does he know what works for you in bed?

What does he read for pleasure?

Can he form a cogent argument?

Has he ever changed his mind about something?

How often does he apologize?

How are his manners?

Does he like children?

If he says he'll do it, how often will it get done?

Does he know his professional strengths?

Is he a good, safe driver?

Does he always give his seat to the pregnant, disabled, or elderly on the subway or bus?

Is he consumed by appearances?

Does he work out?

Does he make sure to eat right, mostly?

How kind is he?

How many of his decisions do you factor into?

What's his idea of a nice gesture?

If he has debts, does he have a good plan to stay ahead of them and possibly even get out of them?

Are his best buddies married?

Is he respectful to waiters and cabbies?

Does he remember special occasions?

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About This Quiz

It is very fashionable to believe that marriage is in trouble these days, after decades of horror stories about how everyone and their dog is repeatedly getting divorced and raising children who are so emotionally crippled that they will never be able to love. Meanwhile, men are supposedly giving up on marriage because of allegedly biased courts that take all their money and give their children to some scheming madwoman, while women's minds have been addled by the nutty notion that they don't need husbands, causing them to reject their God-given purpose.

The truth is that marriage is doing better than ever. Divorce rates are down, marital violence is down, and while people tend to marry a little later than the previous generation, it's because they take marriage seriously and don't rush into it. The marriage equality movement has been marching for the idea that marriage matters, showing that message is alive and well. Today's heterosexual men get to know they were chosen not for earning potential, but because they are loved and wanted; today's women are chosen not because of their looks or cookery, but their wit, ambitions, and personalities. People increasingly see marriage as a way to self-actualize as well as help another person to become their fullest self, and build a stable and financially secure family.

In this atmosphere, where much is expected of a marriage precisely because more is to be gained from it than at any point in history, it's important to choose wisely - and if you're marrying a man, that means vetting him to very high standards. He needs to be more than a paycheck now; he needs to be a true partner. Let's see if the man you have your eye on measures up.

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