What % Queen Material Are You?

Zoe Samuel

How elegant are you?

Can you keep a straight face when someone is making an utter idiot of themselves?

Do you mind loads of people having input into who you date or marry?

Do you like dressing up?

Do you care a lot about all parts of governing?

What education do you have?

Have you served in the military?

Do you like most people?

Are you out of touch, and if so, with whom?

How many languages do you speak?

Do you know how to do the royal wave?

Can you pretend to be interested even when you are not?

Do you love to read vast amounts of materials?

Queens have the top security clearance. Can you keep a secret?

What is your hobby?

Can a rich person also be a good person, in your view?

Do you often lose small objects like rings or brooches?

Do you look good in a tiara?

How do you feel about public speaking?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Do you want to have children?

Do you love to travel?

Queens sometimes have to meet really bad people. If you met a dictator, what would you say or do?

Would you go nuts if everything you did was scrutinized to death?

Do you mind not really belonging to yourself?

Are you someone who beats herself up over her mistakes?

What's your take on monarchy overall?

Do you trust yourself with the launch codes for the nukes?

Could you ever bear to declare war?

Can you handle power without becoming evil?

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Image: Sergeeva/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Monarchy has been one dominant form of government across the planet throughout much of human history. It has benefits and downsides, like any system, but these days, it is often relegated to history in favor of democracy. In the developed world, monarchs are mostly "constitutional," meaning that they are figureheads instead of running the executive branch of the government.

Of course, there are two big misconceptions about monarchy. First is that it can never have the consent of the people. The Queen enjoys public approval on an institutional and a personal level that no elected official has ever managed, much to the envy of many said officials. Indeed, in 2012, her approval rating was an astonishing 90%, a number that any president could only dream of attaining. The second misconception about monarchy is that it is ineffective. A wise and thoughtful monarch can actually be very effective, as they are not beholden to a donor class or to whatever the polls say will happen at the next election. This doesn't mean monarchy is good, but it does means it's not all bad!

However, a dynasty is only as strong as its weakest link. One bad ruler can turn the people against the monarch both personally and even to the extent that they decide to change their entire system of government! Would you be the weak link, or do you have the tools needed to be more like Elizabeth II (or even Elizabeth I, who was also considered a great leader)? Let's find out!

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