Quiz: What % Regina George Are You?
What % Regina George Are You?
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: Paramount Pictures; M.G. Films; Broadway Video

About This Quiz

Get in losers, we're going quizzing!

That's right, it's time for a Regina George quiz. You may have "Mean Girls" memorized, but does that make you a total Regina? Or are you more of a Cady, a Gretchen or even a Ms. Norbury? This quiz will give you the truth.

We're going to ask you about your hair, eating habits and anger management techniques. You might own two Fendi purses, but do you have an unquenchable rage that powers your every move? Can you go to Taco Bell? Do people really understand you? 

Everyone knows that the Queen of The Plastics ruled the school through a heady combination of bullying, high-status man-candy and "technical" good looks, but can you really empathize with her? Do you also have an aggressive side to your character that can only be calmed through verbal savagery or intense physical exercise? Do you loathe your mother? How do you feel about German dollhouses?

Answer each question honestly and, in return, we'll tell you what percent Regina George you are.

So, are you ready to prove that you're fierce, blonde and way too good at lacrosse? Let's play!

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