What % Veronica Mars Are You?

Torrance Grey

Which of these would be your strength as a PI?

You have to do surveillance in a bad neighborhood. What do you bring along?

How do you like to be paid for your services?

In high school or college, was/is it important to you to fit in?

Which of these mysteries is most satisfying to dig into?

Where do you keep your passwords?

What kind of camera do you use on the job?

How do you feel when delving into a case of infidelity?

Which of these fictitious PIs can you most relate to?

In high school, your clique was/is ... ?

What is/was your favorite high school class?

You're on the bus, going to school. How do you keep strangers from talking to you?

What's a go-to school lunch for you?

Which of these secondary "Veronica Mars" characters would you hang out with?

Which of these popular 2000s stores would you shop at?

Which of these early-2000s TV shows might you re-watch?

What kind of shoes might you wear while tailing someone?

You've received an unexpected financial windfall! What kind of car do you buy?

A criminal has you at gunpoint. What do you do next?

How do you unwind after a hard case?

How do you deal with infidelity in your personal life?

Which of these annoys you the most?

Which of these places would you choose for a first date?

What do you look for in a friend?

You need to stay awake on a stakeout. Which of these would you drink?

How do you deal with a betrayal from a friend?

How do you feel about technology?

Which of these martial arts would you pursue?

Which of these crime/thriller movies would you most likely watch?

If you couldn't be a PI, what field might you go into?

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About This Quiz

Are you as nostalgic for life in Neptune as we are? There's never been any place on television as uniquely colorful as the coastal town outside San Diego, and no detective as iconic as Veronica Mars. Once a carefree "09er," part of Neptune's in-crowd, Veronica fell from grace hard after her boyfriend dumped her for no apparent reason, her best friend was murdered, and her father lost his position of importance as sheriff of Balboa County. Yet Veronica reinvented herself from the ashes, becoming her father's assistant in a detective agency and Neptune High's go-to problem solver and fixer. 

We loved Veronica for her sarcastic wit, her keen intelligence, and for the soft heart she mostly hid from the world (but just "mostly," hence the tagline at the end of the pilot: "Veronica Mars: She's a marshmallow"). A small herd of appealing guys, including Duncan Kane, Logan Echolls, Deputy D'Amato and "Piz" Piznarski felt the same way. The world would be a better place if a lot more people were like Keith Mars's daughter and protege!

How much are you like this one-of-a-kind teen detective? We've created a quiz to help you find out. Just answer honestly, and we'll tell you how well you'd fit in on the mean streets of Neptune!

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