What % Yankee Are You?

Emily Maggrett

What's your favorite smell from nature?

Is there anything more beautiful than watching maple leaves change color?

When's the last time you had a white Christmas?

You're going on a date with an "intellectual." Which one of these depressing New England bands will you chat with him about?

Who IS L.L. Bean?

You've got a week off (paid). Which of these great American cities will you explore?

In your opinion, what's the best eatin' apple?

We're going out for seafood. What will you order?

How do you feel about "showing your emotions"?

Do you know what "ayuh" means?

Big sloppy dogs: How do they make you feel?

Get in the car, we're going camping. But ... where?

If you were selling a bunch of stuff in your front yard, what would you call that event?

What are you bringing to the tailgating party?

Let's say you can date any New England hottie you want. Which Yankee man would you grab dinner with?

Are baked beans ... good?

Do you know what a "bubblah" is?

If we're driving somewhere with you, what will you make us listen to?

How many ice scrapers do you currently own?

Clam chowder: yea or nay?

Which of these New England poets slaps the hardest?

How far can you stretch a dollar?

Can you tell the difference between quarter-sawn oak, tiger stripe oak and oak veneer?

Be honest: Once the fall chill sets in, do you get a craving for pumpkin spice lattes?

Your new love interest is bringing you flapjacks in bed. What do you ask him to put on them?

How hard do you root for the Sox?

For your money, what's the best Thanksgiving dish?

What's your favorite kind of footwear?

Do you sincerely enjoy cold weather?

How would YOU define "Yankee"?

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About This Quiz

Between Netflix, social media and other forms of digital technology, it feels like the world is getting smaller every day. Now that you can Skype with people across the country (or even work for them as a freelancer), the regional differences that once defined American life are rapidly disappearing. In many ways, the daily lives of a person from Louisiana and a person from Vermont are strikingly similar, even though thousands of miles separate them.

That said, some things will always stay the same, such as the fact that you're either a Yankee or you're not! Modern conveniences will never stop New Englanders from loving cold weather, being obsessed with cider and knowing more about camping by the age of 6 than your average West Coast Eagle Scout. They can't help it: That's just the Yankee way. 

So, we're curious: Are you a Yankee yourself, or are you merely wondering whether you can pass for one? We've carefully designed it to be able to ascertain your exact percentage of Yankee-ness, so don't be surprised if we sniff out any Yankee posers. Ready to do a deep dive on maple candy, baked beans and ice scrapers? Put a feather in your cap and call it macaroni, then take this quiz!

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