What '70s Rock Song Is the Theme Song of Your Life?

By: Brian W

Have you ever been in love?

Does trouble tend to find you?

Would you ever cheat on your significant other?

Have you ever broken someone's heart?

Would you be a good social worker?

How many times do you say "I love you" a day?

Do you like new experiences?

Are you down on your luck?

How much do you worry about the world around you?

When people leave your town, do you still remember them?

Do you like the South?

How free are you?

Are you amazed?

Would you do a one night stand?

Do you flirt a lot?

Would you make a good spy?

What do you think of the band 38 Special?

Who is your favorite Beatle?

Do you go to protest rallies?

Do you have pet names for the person you are dating?

Have you ever seen a Werewolf?

How do you look in a cowboy hat?

Do you like Bernie Sanders?

What kind of a dancer are you?

What might you be doing on a Saturday afternoon?

Who would be your favorite old school rapper?

Would you ever get divorced?

Ever want to just vanish for a while?

Do you look good in a mustache?

Is war ever the answer?

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About This Quiz

The 70's were a time of change, wild fashion, partying like crazy and disco. It was also a time that had a lot of great rock and roll. The 70s and rock and roll go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

While the 50's introduced rock music to the world, and the 60's made it a whole lot cooler, the 70s was just when rock became totally amazing and ridiculous all at once.  

The excess, the partying, the hair, and even the clothes that rock stars wore, all of it was just perfectly awesome. Some of the bands back then, such as Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Aerosmith, and Queen are still getting played on the radio today, and they will be for decades to come. 

Your life is also pretty awesome, at least most of the time, which is why there has to be a rock song from the 70's that is your theme song. Most rock songs of that era were all about love, breakups, partying and working for the man, but now that we think of it, that is what songs are still about now. Take this quiz and find out which 70's rock song fits your life best.

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