Quiz: What Age Will Be the Best Year of Your Life?
What Age Will Be the Best Year of Your Life?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Do you feel like your best year ever is behind you, or like you are still waiting for it to arrive? While most of our years have their high points and accomplishments, other years might be the cream of the crop! The question is - which one of your years is going to be your best year ever? By sharing your personality and your lifestyle with us, we think we'll be able to tell you! 

Sure, the things we call good things tend to change over time. Growing a tomato might be quite an accomplishment for someone over 30, but when we are younger, the bigger things seem more exciting. 

Throughout this best year of your life quiz, we are going to try to get to know you as well as we can. We will judge your current life's joy-o-meter for clues about the year of your life that is going to flat out rock! We'll also take a look at the things that have brought you to the point you are at now!

Don't be shy, and try to answer with the response you feel sums you up best! Once we see where you have been and where you plan to go, we'll let you know which year you'll look back on and call the most epic year ever. Let's find out! 

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