What American Accent Best Fits Your Personality?

Allison Lips

If you were buying a house, where would you choose to live?

Which regional trademark food most appeals to you?

Do you take things slowly or is your life fast paced?

If you were going to change jobs tomorrow, which profession would you choose?

Which television show depicts live as you which it were?

Which foreign accent do you find the most attractive?

Which celebrity would you like to get a drink with?

If space wasn't an issue, what type of vehicle would you drive?

Do people ever ask you to slow down when speaking?

In an ideal world, what type of pet would you have?

How much land would you want?

How do you feel about large cities?

Do you enjoy dressing up for work?

How do you usually access the internet?

Are you a fan of the beach?

Which Netflix exclusive is most appealing to you?

How important is a college education to you?

How likely are you to hit the gym before or after work?

Does the New York City subway intimidate you?

Which "one" are you in your group of friends?

How do you feel about country music?

Do you often throw house parties?

How do you feel about road trips?

Which tattoo are you most likely to get?

Do you trust your neighbors?

Who is your favorite currently working stand up comedian?

What charity do you give the most money to?

You're waiting in a doctor's office and your phone dies, which magazine are you going to read?

Which superhero would you like to team up with to save the world?

When you're in a part of the country that isn't near a city, how do you feel?

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About This Quiz

While you may think you don't have an accent, ask someone from another part of the country, and you will be told that you have one. It gets even stranger when people unintentionally start mimicking someone they are having a conversation with but don't share an accent with.

In the United States, there are at least ten different American accents. Americans in the Chicago area typically have what is called an Inland Northern accent. If you live in New Jersey, you may share your Mid-Atlantic accent with Philadelphia or speak with a New York City accent. If you live in live Pennsylvania around Pittsburgh, you may have an accent called Western Pennsylvania. Those who live in Indianapolis and the surrounding area may have a Midland accent. The Minneapolis area is home to the North-Central or Upper Midwestern accent. You will find the Northern New England accent in Boston and the Southern accent all over the south. The last major accent is General American.

General American is unique because it serves as the de facto generic American English accent. However, it did not develop in a particular area, and linguists argue about its validity. Those who speak with a General American accent tend to be highly educated and have worked to lose their regional accent. 

Do dialects fascinate you? Have you ever wished you spoke with a different accent? Find out which accent best suits you! 

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