What Animal Does Your Dog Really Think They Are?

Zoe Samuel

How clean is your dog?

Does your dog like other humans?

Does your dog like other dogs?

Does your dog have a sense of humor?

If your dog gave you a gift, what would it be?

Does your dog pick fights?

Does your dog hunt?

Does your dog think you are a bit silly?

How loyal is your dog?

Does your dog always want to cuddle when you do?

If your dog wants a cuddle when you don't, what happens?

What is your dog most afraid of?

Does your dog love the water?

Would your dog die for you?

Does your dog do what you tell him or her to do?

Does your dog usually react without thinking?

Is your dog easily trained?

Be honest: how smart is your dog?

Does your dog secretly hope that one day it will get to defend your life with its fangs?

Is your dog well behaved in public?

How much does your dog sleep?

When you watch TV, what does your dog do?

How does your dog feel about music?

What sort of walkies does your dog like best?

What is your dog's favorite toy?

Is your dog agile?

If a burglar broke into your house, what would your dog do?

Does your dog cope well if left alone for a while?

Does your dog ever disappear for a little while and then come home like nothing happened?

How much of your property has your dog destroyed (so far)?

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About This Quiz

While little dogs often think they are big dogs, and big dogs think they are lapdogs, some dogs aren't even sure they're dogs at all. Which animal is your dog, on the inside?

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