What Animal GIF Represents Your Soul?

Zoe Samuel

How optimistic are you?

Do you sometimes bite off more than you can chew?

Do you immerse yourself in your work?

If something good happens, can you you truly enjoy it without sharing it with the people you love?

Are you a team player?

How important is excellence to you?

Do you have good personal discipline?

Do you get grumpy when your blood sugar is low?

How's your rhythm?

Do you love taking risks?

Do you make sure to get what's coming to you?

Do you sometimes over-indulge then regret it?

Are you a brave soul?

Do you have one true best friend?

Are you afraid to look silly?

Do you like to surprise people?

Do you usually play along just to be nice?

How cute are you, on a scale of 1-10?

How energetic are you?

Do you like to take things one step at a time?

Do you have a soft interior?

Can you let go and just enjoy yourself?

How singular is your fashion sense?

Do you consider yourself a rebel?

Are you willing to try new things?

Are you someone who really enjoys their food?

Are you easily able to trust other people?

Do you love to study hard?

Are you good at just saying "no" when you need to?

Do you like to party?

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Image: seng chye teo/Moment/GettyImages

About This Quiz

It's hard to imagine it now, but back when the first Harry Potter novel came out, the wizard-born boys made fun of the Muggle-born for having a poster on his wall with images that didn't move. Wizarding books and posters always moved, and as the movies later showed us, they tended to move in short repeating video-like loops. That's right: J.K. Rowling anticipated gifs years before we were all using them. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a gif is worth a hundred thousand!

The gif - or graphic interchangeable format - was created at CompuServe by a team led by Steve Wilhite, and its current existence depends on animation invented by computing pioneer Lisa Gelobter. While gifs were not a big deal in early chatrooms and websites, they spread like wildfire as the internet's capacity to transmit data finally caught up with the creativity of its users. Nowadays they are an essential component of digital culture.

All this means that some gifs have become extremely famous and ubiquitous, from the former video (now gif) known as Dramatic Look Gopher to an endless array of llamas in sunglasses and octopi fleeing the scene. That's why, whatever you're feeling, there's a gif that represents it accurately - and whoever you are, there's probably a gif that gets across a pretty decent idea of that, too. Tell us a little about yourself, and we'll identify the perfect gif to represent your truest self!

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