What Bathing Suit Flatters Your Body Type?

E-maginne Grant

What fabric can we use to make your swimsuit cover up?

We all have several jeans in our closet. Pick the style that you own the most of.

Which denim color never fails to catch your eye?

Choose the top that flatters your body type.

If you could find the perfect dress that you can wear anywhere, what style would it be?

You get to plan the perfect beach getaway. Where are you going?

Your swimsuit isn't the only important thing at the beach. How would you style your hair?

Cover-ups come in different style. Select your favorite.

Pick the pants that always flatters your body.

Let's find the style of hat that you love the most!

You got invited to a summer boat party! What dress are you wearing?

It's time for summer vacation! What are you planning for?

Body shapes are often described as fruit. Pick your fruit shape!

Whats on your feet when you're wearing a swimsuit?

When looking at swimsuits, do details matter?

Now it's bikini time! What style of top do you prefer?

You can never go wrong with a cute bikini bottom. Choose your favorite.

How do you protect yourself from the sun?

Accessories are everything, even in swimwear. What accessories can we catch you in?

What can we find in your beach bag?

One pieces come in a lot of different designs. Do you see your favorite below?

We all have that color that looks great on our skin. Which color makes your skin glow?

Say cheese! What pose can we catch you in on your Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, what's your Instagram caption?

Sunglasses are a perfect summer accessory. What style are you in favor of?

Bathing suits sure have changed over the year. Which bathing suit era would you return to?

Time has given us some iconic swimsuit models. Who's your favorite?

Magazines always have the best bathing suit pictures. What are you taking off the shelf?

Describe your perfect beach day.

If you could describe your body type, what word would do it?

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Image: Florence Goupil / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Have you ever heard the Cinderella story? It's one as old as time. Her fairy godmother magically appeared in her room and gave her the perfect dress to wear to the ball. Well, think of us as your fairy godmother, but for swimsuits. We are here to give you the perfect swimsuit to wear to the big summer pool party, the beach or anywhere! We don't have a magic wand; we're not going to show up in your room with sparkles and singing mice and sorry, there isn't a pumpkin wagon outside. What we do have is this entertaining quiz with some amusing questions that will give us insight into what bathing suit is right for you. There are so many styles available, it's almost impossible not to find the perfect one. 

Today, people can wear whatever bathing suit they want, but there was a time when the police heavily regulated what women wore to the beach. Wearing the wrong clothing to swim could've landed you in jail! Can you imagine going to jail for wearing a bikini? Load up the wagons! Let's be honest, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but there are swimsuits that are designed with specific body types in mind. So, sit back, relax and answer some fun questions! You are about to find out which bathing suit will highlight your amazing shape and give you a confidence boost! 

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