Quiz: What British Accent Do You Have?
What British Accent Do You Have?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

'ALLO GUV'NOR! In the world of accents, British ones just might be the best! While it's a small country, the accents from the distinct regions are heavily noticeable! From the Queen's English to a cockney accent, can we guess what British accent you have? 

The English language originally came about between the 5th and 7th centuries. While its origins are as a Western Germanic language, it was brought to Britain and grew from there. English is spoken all over the world from the United States to Australia to countries in Africa. While many countries speak it in their own manner through their accents, today we're focusing on where many believe the language to have manifested - Britain.

If you were to travel to Britain, you'd hear most of the people speaking English, but certainly not in the same way! This region of the world has so many different accents that come from the small area that it's almost hard to keep up. Since these accents are particular to certain regions of Britain, it is easy to identify where the speaker is from. Where are you from?

Are you a posh Southerner? You're probably speaking Received Pronunciation with your pronounced 't' and skipped 'r.' Rather are you a northerner with a Geordie accent? If you are, you'd probably say you're "hangin' oot with me mum" versus "hanging out with my mom!"

What British accent do you have? Are you more Received Pronunciation or maybe you have a cockney accent? Take this quiz and let's figure it out!

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