What British Candy Are You?

Zoe Samuel

In which part of the UK do you feel most at home?

How much sugar is simply too much?

What one color do you ensure is a part of your daily wardrobe?

Beauty comes in many types! What sort of attractive are you?

Do visitors to Britain's shores understand you easily?

Be honest: Do you know how to party?

If someone left a dish of candy in the break room, what type could you absolutely not resist?

Relative to how you look, how innocent are you?

How much do you like surprises?

Have you ever entered an event under false pretenses such as pretending to be on the guest list?

In what sort of social situation do you really shine?

Which is the best sort of packaging for candy?

How do you cope with the 3 p.m. sugar slump?

What time of day is simply too early to get up?

What time of year is most uncomfortable for you?

What is the one habit you simply can't seem to shake?

How would you describe your body type in three words?

Have you ever travelled overseas?

How much time do people need to spend with you to get a sense of who you really are?

What's your idea of the ideal room temperature?

Do you have a signature dance move?

How much does it bother you when you like someone who doesn't like you back?

You get into hot water. What happens?

Do people often mistake you for someone else?

Do you worry that you're so busy being likeable that you don't stand up for yourself as much as you should?

How well do you travel long distances?

Be honest: Are you just a softie on the inside?

Would you say you have a hard shell?

What kind of club would definitely invite you to join?

Are you most people's proverbial cup of tea?

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About This Quiz

Candy has been around in various forms for many centuries, though it really took off when it became accessible to the masses during the Industrial Age (thus accounting for the remarkable state of many people's teeth in Victorian London's post-sugar, pre-fluoride age). Indeed, many major British confectionery companies began to expand, introducing all kinds of lovely sweets into our lives. Giants like Rowntree, Cadbury and Bassett's were born in the 1800s, and Fortnum & Mason came along as early as 1707!

Of course, all these candy-makers meant plenty of approaches to making candy, and that means all candies are different. Some confectioners focus more on chocolates — which, for our non-British friends, are not counted under the umbrella of "candy" in Britain — while others are all about sweets, which is what we Brits mean when we say "candy". Some do a little of both.

The upshot is that there are as many kinds of candy as there are people to enjoy it, and that means that no matter what sort of personality you have, there's a candy out there that is a great match for you. Whether you're super-sweet or semisweet, hard or soft, fizzy or plain, it's time to find your candy match. Let's get started!

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