What Canadian TV Show Matches Your Personality?

Heather Cahill

Some tell it like it is and others keep quiet. Do you speak your mind?

It's not always easy, but how do you cope with tough situations?

You can be as calm as a creek or raging like a river. Would you say that it's easy to get you angry?

If you're not starting problems, would you say that you're a problem solver?

Not all are found in Canada, but what animal would you compare yourself to?

In most situations, do you consider yourself to be a laid-back person?

A good DIY never hurt anyone, but it's not everyone's style! Would you rather make things yourself or buy them?

What about others would you say impresses you the most ?

If you could visit any Canadian city, which of the following would you choose?

Sometimes you might feel like a little bit of both, but in general, are you business-minded or creative?

You won't feel alone if you do! Do you like working with groups?

It could be a want or a need, but what could you not go one day without?

Think about those tunes that you jam out to on the radio. Which of the following Canadian song names describes you?

In many cases, it pays to be this way! Are you a detail-oriented person?

This isn't something for everyone. Could you live a very minimal lifestyle?

It's hard to pass by these without stopping. Of the following, what Canadian business do you visit daily?

Which of the following roles do you aspire to be either now or in the future?

Of the following, what sport would you say that you enjoy most?

Love it or hate it, what is your opinion on investing your money?

When looking for a job, it's important to know what comes with it. Your perfect job would include what?

What is one word your friends would use to describe you the best?

In most situations that you're faced with, do you take the blame or shift it?

When meeting or greeting someone, how do you typically address people?

Are you the type of person to plan or do you prefer to skip it all and take action right away?

Of the following, which Canadian province would you most like to live in?

How would you describe your style out of the following options?

We live with many luxuries today. What’s your favorite thing about the modern world?

You would say that you're at your happiest when you're doing what?

Life would be pretty boring without entertainment. Where do you get most of your entertainment?

What Canadian competition or game show would you like to be on?

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Image: CBC Television

About This Quiz

Canada is known for many things, like the maple leaf, Toronto and polar bears. But what many people don't often think of when speaking about Canada are the great television shows that we have here! Some are funny, others are competitions and some are tearjerkers, but all have their particular Canadian charm that you can't find anywhere else on television. Have you ever thought about which show you'd fit right into?

Do you love to laugh? You might find yourself drawn to the great Canadian sitcoms that are all over television. If there's one show that you just can't get enough of, maybe that's the show that fits you best! Canada even has its own reality television shows, from franchises known around the world like "Big Brother Canada" and "The Real Housewives of Toronto" to lesser-known shows such as "Love It Or List It." Hey, we know how to make terrific reality TV of our own, too! Some shows even make it to American television as well, giving them the taste of Canada.

So, are you ready to find out which of your favourite shows is the perfect match for your personality? Take the quiz to see if you're all caught up in a reality show or laughing it up on a sitcom!

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