What Captivating Flower Reflects Your Soul?

Emily Maggrett

Are you a Southerner, a Yankee, a West Coaster or a Midwesterner?

People get crushes on you because ... ?

When it comes to your wardrobe, which items do you like to splurge on?

How would you complete this sentence? "On rainy days, I love to ... "

Which of these ocean-related scents do you prefer?

How would you describe your skin?

If someone wants you to open up, they need to ... ?

On a scale of one to 10, how weird are you?

In your opinion, which season makes for the most beautiful weddings?

Time for dinner! What are you having?

Which of these songs would get you out of bed?

Imagine that you could snap your fingers and fill your yard with full-grown trees. Which kinds would you choose?

Look at your wardrobe. Which colors dominate it?

Which of these qualities does your ideal mate HAVE to possess?

Your partner offers you a cup of tea. Which kind will you have?

Which of these forest-related scents do you prefer?

If you were a bird, which kind would you be?

At heart, are you a Beyoncé or a Solange?

Do you look your best in summer clothes or winter clothes?

Would you rather attend a party, organize a party, cater a party or perform at a party?

A black cat starts haunting your back yard. What do you do?

If you were president for one week, which issues would you seek to solve?

In your opinion, which of these classic Hollywood actresses is the most elegant?

Which of these garden-related scents do you prefer?

Please complete the sentence. "I can't be happy without ... ?"

Which of these elements dominates your astrological chart?

Who's your celebrity role model?

Your workplace is assembling a team to go to a professional conference. Which role will you play?

For your money, what's the most relaxing self-care activity EVER?

Which of these quotes sums up your life philosophy?

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Image: Joe Regan/ Moment / GettyImages

About This Quiz

Have you heard about signature flowers? In case you didn't know, your signature flower is the specific flower that reflects your soul's essence. Every person has one, even celebrities! For instance, Queen Elizabeth's signature flower is a geranium, while Lady Gaga's signature flower is a moth orchid. Reese Witherspoon's signature flower is a tulip, while Oprah's is a daylily. It makes sense, doesn't it?

Are you curious about which captivating bloom is your signature flower? If so, this is the quiz for you! To help you find out which flower reflects your soul best, we're going to ask you about your favorite scents, preferred role in groups, most relaxing self-care activities and taste in teas. In return for your honest answers, we'll reveal the special flower that sums up your personality. 

Your signature flower might be one that you already love, or it might be totally new to you! For good luck, wear this flower's color, display it in vases around the house and plant it in your garden. By doing this, you'll make your home a place of peace and repose, where your soul can truly blossom. Sounds nice, doesn't it? So what are you waiting for? Stop smelling the roses and play this quiz!

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