What Cat Breed Is Your Soul Guardian?

Ian Fortey

Overall, how spiritual would you say you are?

If you were going to be reincarnated as an animal besides some kind of cat, what would you come back as?

Have you ever had an experience with a ghost?

Which of these elements do you feel best represents who you are?

When you meet new people, do you make friends quickly or does it take a while?

If you couldn't have a cat as a pet, what kind of animal would you get?

Are you the kind of person who falls in love easily?

Do you think you give good advice to your friends when they come to you with problems?

Say you're stranded on a deserted island. What's the one thing you'd want to have with you?

Have you ever been attacked by an animal in your life?

If you could literally be anywhere in the universe right at this second, where would you be?

Suppose you found yourself a time-traveling DeLorean somewhere. What year would you travel to?

Do you ever have a sixth sense about how events are going to play out and it turns out you were right when it's all over?

When you have a day off and nothing planned, what are you most likely to be doing?

What's the most important thing to put on top of a hamburger?

If you got lost in a new town and your phone was dead, what would you do?

What would you say is the key to being successful in life?

You're making dinner for one tonight. What's your favorite kind of food when it's just you eating?

Everyone wants to be super sometimes! Which of these superpowers would you like to have?

If you and a friend get into an argument, how do you solve it?

How much time would you say you spend on social media in the average day?

If you could pack up and move anywhere, what kind of place would you most want to go to?

If a friend asked to borrow your car on short notice, would you let them?

How would you handle getting stuck in an elevator with a total stranger?

What's your favorite way to watch a movie?

Are you the friend who throws parties all the time or do you prefer to attend parties at someone else's house?

If you had no driver's license, how do you think you'd get around town?

What city seems like a great place to visit for a fun vacation?

How do you usually communicate with your friends who aren't in town?

Which character from "Game of Thrones" do you most want to be friends with?

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Image: Jean-Philippe Tournut / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Depending on who you ask, there are anywhere from 50 to 75 breeds of cats out there, give or take. Some breeds are recognized by various organizations while others are not. Does any of that make a difference to the cats themselves? Definitely not. Cats probably don't spare any time considering what humans think about them, but we certainly spend a lot of time pondering over the mystery of cats. Next to dogs, they're the most popular companion we have, but they're also very unlike dogs in so many ways. They can be fearsome and independent or goofy and playful. They can be loyal and friendly or standoffish and aloof. Their tastes and behaviors are amusing or infuriating, and it sometimes changes from day to day. That's probably part of the reason we love them so much. Cats are highly unpredictable. 

Cats seem always to know something the rest of us don't. Whether they're racing through a room chasing unseen prey or staring at a mystery spot on the ceiling, it's like cats are in their own little world and they just visit ours. It's precisely for that reason that a cat is a perfect animal to watch your soul for you. But you can't just have any cat running wild in there; you need the right cat. Want to find out what breed that is? Take the quiz and see!

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