Quiz: What Celtic Animal Matches Your Soul?
What Celtic Animal Matches Your Soul?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: Jose Antonio Maciel/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Animals are known to be very intuitive. It is said that animals and children are the best at recognizing paranormal activity because society hasn't told them not to believe in it. They are perceptive creatures, and certain cultures idolize them. The Celts understood this, and looked to animals for guidance and to provide them with insight.

Turning to Celtic animals was a tradition often used for self-improvement and legend has it certain animals could give you desirable attributes that the animal possesses. While there isn't a ton of information about Celtic animals and the traditions and legends behind them, the information that is out there tells us a story of immense respect for these animals and the recognition that these animals served multiple purposes in the life and beyond.

There are so many characteristics of these animals that every person can find one that matches their essence. This quiz can help you figure that out! Take this quiz to find out which Celtic animal matches your soul.

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