Quiz: What Character from "Goodfellas" Are You?
What Character from "Goodfellas" Are You?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Warner Bros.

About This Quiz

As far back as you can remember, did you want to be a gangster? There is nothing better than a good movie about the mob and organized crime and of all the gangster movies in the history of cinema, "Goodfellas" is one of the best, if not the best, of all time. The film is about the rise and fall of gangster Harry Hood over a 25 year period. While Hood is a great character, there are many others in the film that are just as good or even better. 

How would you do as a goodfella? Everyone knows that you're pretty tough, that you aren't easily intimidated and that you think quickly on your feet, but being involved in the mob is a whole different ballgame. Would you be more like Hill, or would you be like  Paul "Paulie" Cicero, one of the toughest father figures in the history of film, or maybe  James "Jimmy the Gent" Conway, who is a bit of a thug, but quite a charmer, or maybe Tommy DeVito, the type of person who is a bit of a loon, but is totally nice to your mother? 

Take this quiz and find out what character from "GoodFellas" you are. And just remember. Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut. 

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