What Citrus Fruit Are You?

Kristin Tolentino

It's time to buy some new clothes. Where do you want to go shopping?

When you're in a rush, what do you eat for breakfast?

How would you describe your fashion style?

When you're bored, what's your favorite way to pass the time?

Which type of berries do you like most?

How much are you willing to pay for a salad?

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Fruit is nutritious and delicious! What's your favorite way to eat it?

You're meeting a friend for lunch. What type of restaurant do you suggest?

If you could visit any of these cities, which one would you choose?

What's your favorite thing about going to parties?

You just moved into a new apartment. Where do you shop for decor?

When it comes to books, what genre do you prefer?

It's finally Friday night! What would you like to do?

When you're at the bar, what's your go-to drink?

Do you have a sweet tooth? Which dessert do you like most?

You just woke up. Do you make coffee or tea?

What's your idea of a perfect vacation?

So, how often do you eat fruit each week?

If you could drink only one type of smoothie, which would you choose?

Let's make a salad. Which vegetable do you like most?

What kind of salad dressing will you use?

How often do you cook at home?

You're invited to a potluck. What food do you bring?

What's your favorite taste? Do you like sweet or salty food?

When it comes to trying new food, how adventurous are you?

Are you more of an extrovert or introvert?

If you could compare your relationship to a food pairing, which one would it be?

How do you feel about grocery shopping? Do you enjoy it?

It's a really hot day. What do you drink to cool down?

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About This Quiz

When it comes to fruits, you can’t go wrong with the citrus kind. They’re delicious, after all! It also doesn’t hurt that they’re full of essential nutrients, like vitamin C and fiber. And while all citrus fruits are related, each one is unique in its own way. That’s why we’re here to tell you which citrus fruit best suits your personality.

But first, let’s talk about what makes citrus fruits so special. For starters, it’s crucial to know that citrus isn’t a family of fruit. It’s actually a genius in the Rutaceae family. (The family is usually called “rue,” for short.) Essentially, a genus is the biological rank below a family. The rue family has about 160 genera, but citrus is the most important one.

And thanks to this quiz, you can find out which citrus fruit matches your personality. All you need to do is answer some questions about your likes and dislikes. Most of the questions are about food and beverages, but we’ll also want to learn about your style, habits, and preferences. Once we examine your responses, we’ll be able to determine which citrus fruit you truly are.

So, which one is your main squeeze? Take this quiz to find out!

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