Quiz: What Classic Christmas Song Are You?
What Classic Christmas Song Are You?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Who doesn't love the holiday season?! While most of it is centered around the gifts beneath the tree, who could forget the Christmas classics - the music! Right after Thanksgiving, both mellow and jolly tunes fill the airwaves! Which classic Christmas song are you?

Every year, new Christmas songs are coming out for the season, but we're all tuning in for the classics. Regardless of whether you're listening to the voice of Christmas, Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole sing about kids from 1-92, there's a Christmas song out there for you!

Christmas might be a comforting time for you. If you're in a mellow and peaceful mood throughout the holiday, you're probably more suited for the classic, "Silent Night."

If you're always down to try new and exciting things, you'd probably be better suited for "Carol of the Bells." This tune is both mysterious and thrilling!

For those unafraid to be themselves, you're probably just like "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer." While you might be seen as an outcast, you're never afraid to stay true to yourself!

You could be one of these three, or maybe you're more dreamy and calm like "White Christmas." Are you jamming out like it's your "Last Christmas" or are you in love singing "All I Want for Christmas Is You?" There are so many Christmas carols to choose from, but we've got you covered!

You might not be able to pick for yourself, but you're a few clicks away from the real answer! Let's find out!

May this quiz be merry and bright!

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