What Color Is the Resonant Frequency of Your Soul?

Brian Whitney

How would your friends describe you?

What is most important to you in a relationship?

What are you doing on a Saturday afternoon?

Do you get along with just about everyone?

Are you a perfectionist?

How persuasive are you?

Are you unpredictable?

What would you do if you saw someone being bullied?

How motivated by money are you?

You and your friends are lost in the woods, what do you do?

How many enemies do you have?

What running event might you be best at?

What do you do most in an argument?

Would you make a good boss?

What do you like most about your job?

Where would you like to go on vacation?

When do you get bored?

What is your relationship status?

What foreign country seems most like you?

Do you want to be famous?

What word describes you in bed?

Which Beatle are you most like?

If you worked 2 miles away and your car broke down, how would you get to work?

Are you saving for retirement?

How many people have you slept with in your lifetime?

How often do you cry?

Which of these positions would you play in baseball?

What movie would you most enjoy seeing?

Have you ever dyed your hair?

Are you a team player?

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Image: Purvi Joshi/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

You might think that there is no single color that resides deep within you, but your soul knows otherwise. Colors are very important to how we live our lives, how we think, and how we feel. People have different views on colors, and they truly have something to do with how we live our lives and how we behave. 

If you're a stylish woman, you probably wouldn't go to work wearing all green, and if you're a macho guy, you might not hit the club wearing all pink. The color black is depressing to many people, while others look at it as being fashionable and chic. 

But even all of that is surface stuff. What type of color truly resonates within your soul is an entirely different thing. What kind of color is deep within your soul? Is it red, the color of strong will, ambition, and energy? Blue, the color of perfectionism, loyalty, and commitment? Or maybe orange, the color of social butterflies - or even black, which is the color of those who have a strong independent streak. Take this quiz and find out which color resonates within your soul. Don't be blue if it doesn't turn out the way you want it to.

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