Quiz: What Color Nail Polish Matches Your Personality?
What Color Nail Polish Matches Your Personality?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

"I SEE YOUR TRUE COLORS, SHINING THROUGH!" When it comes to showing off our true colors, some of us do it with our personality and others do it with their clothes. If you want to get technical, a lot of us do it with our nail polish! Whether you usually go for a bright pink or bold black, we're here to tell you which nail polish really matches your personality! 

When you want to pick out a nail polish color, you probably ask yourself a few questions. Which color did I paint my nails last? Do I want it to match my Saturday night outfit? Will I get tired of this color after a few days? Rather than putting on your nail polish to match your plans for that week, let's pair it with your personality!

If you're passionate, you might go with red. This color is perfect for those who are sexy and confident. For those on the innocent side, white polish would work amazingly with your personality! Yellow polish works well for a bright and bubbly personality. But which one are you?

Rather than match your polish to your dress or handbag, match it to your personality! After you take this quiz, you'll know if you should be rocking black nails this week or a shade of blue.

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