Quiz: What Color of Lipstick Matches Your Personality?
What Color of Lipstick Matches Your Personality?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: Corina Marie Howell / Image Source / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Lipstick is not a recent discovery. While there are now new formulas, colors, long-lasting types and lip tints, it was the ancient Sumerian men and women who were most likely the first to wear the lip color. This was about 5,000 years ago, although what they used as lipstick was nothing like what we know today. They would crush up things like gemstones to decorate their lips, and even Cleopatra had her own version. She would crush up bugs to create a red color to apply to her lips. Lipstick, back in those days, was used to show status, especially for the ancient Egyptians, and had nothing to do with gender. If you were a man of high rank, you were wearing a version of lipstick.

Fast forward to modern times, gone are the days where different shades of red were the only option for those who wanted to add some color to their lips. In 2012, colors like neon orange and hot pink were all the rage. In 2014 and 2015, the pendulum swung the complete other way, and nude lipstick colors were what people wanted to get their hands on. Take this quiz and find out which of the many lipstick colors fits your personality!

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When you would dress up for Halloween as a kid, what was a typical costume?

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How much money are you willing to spend on the perfect lipstick?

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What is your favorite meal to go out for when you're with your friends?

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When it comes to a relationship, what's the most important thing to make it successful?

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If you were to travel for leisure, what country would you go to?

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Other than clothes and makeup, how do you express yourself?

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What's something you really need advice on right now?

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In a survival situation, what about you will be the most helpful?

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What's your favorite thing about your morning ritual?

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Since you were a child, what is the thing about you that has changed the most?

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