What Cooking Show Would You Actually Do Well On?

Teresa M.

What is your favorite way to prepare potatoes?

How would you spice up a pork roast?

Can you make your own pickles?

How would you rate your knife skills?

How do you prefer to have your steak cooked?

What is your least favorite kitchen task?

What would you prefer to dip in hummus?

What would you put on top of yogurt?

How do you feel about asparagus?

Can you debone a fish?

Which food would you prefer to grill?

Which Julia Child dish could you whip up?

What do you prefer to dip your fries in?

Which salad topping do you like most?

What would you do with an eggplant?

What is your favorite Italian dish?

Do you prefer making banana bread or zucchini bread?

What is your favorite thing to make in a crockpot?

What kind of jam do you like most?

What would you do with a batch of elderberries?

Do you like rhubarb?

What is your favorite way to prepare chicken?

Which dish would you take to a potluck?

Which cuisine do you get for takeout most often?

Which exotic fruit do you like most?

Which sundae topping do you enjoy the most?

Would you ever try Guinea pig?

How do you think you would do on "Nailed It?"

Which celebrity chef do you like most?

Which kind of pepper do you like most?

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About This Quiz

From shopping for ingredients to your skills with a knife, you have a lot more cooking skills than you probably realize. Even if you are a card-carrying foodie and you can dice and chop with the professionals, you hold a lot of clues to knowing which cooking show you would do best on. Let's take a look at your tastes in food, and the kitchen tasks that make you shine. Once we're done, we'll let you know if you are cut out for "The Great British Bake Off" or "America's Worst Home Cooks."

As we go through our cooking show quiz, we will put your food knowledge and your personal tastes to the test. Finding out whether or not you would turn your nose up at a hog roast could go a long way in sharing the nature of your food palette. If you are an adventurous eater, the chances are that you have more kitchen skills than someone who lives on a diet of chicken nuggets.

Though we won't base our results entirely on the way you eat, we're sure that we'll know which television cooking show you would dominate. Sharpen up your knives, and answer with the response that sums you up best! Which cooking show will it be?

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