Quiz: What Cool TV Girlfriend Are You?
What Cool TV Girlfriend Are You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

We've all seen a couple on TV that makes us think to ourselves, "That's what I want." Indeed, even when a couple is fairly dysfunctional or simply doomed by the troubles of a world filled with strife, a lot of television duos contain at least one woman who inspires us with her integrity, her passion, her smarts, or simply her totally stylin' wardrobe.

The history of TV is replete with fabulous girlfriends. Some of them are like the ferocious and feisty Rachel Zane of "Suits," who never lets her boo get away with anything, overcomes her own fears, and is proud of her biracial heritage. Some of them are like the quiet and loving Tara from "Buffy," who always stands by her woman but never at the cost of her own integrity. 

Some are like the world-conquering Queen of Meereen (and perhaps one day, Westeros), Danaerys Stormborn herself, who demands a great deal from the men in her life, including that their goals are always secondary to hers.  Other girlfriends are not the ones from romantic relationships, but the ones who put the "friend" in girlfriend.

Whatever sort of girlfriend you are, there's a TV model for you to look to for representation. Which is yours?

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