Quiz: In What Country Should You Have Been Born?
In What Country Should You Have Been Born?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Wait, there was a mistake! Your parents got it completely wrong! Surely each of us has sometimes felt like we didn't belong. That maybe, just maybe, there was somewhere else we needed to be or some place on the earth that called to us. Well, that place may just be the country you were meant to be born in.

Were you meant to be born in a country like Japan, where tradition, history and customs reign supreme? Should you have been born in the United States of America, where people are free to do as they please (for the most part), you're allowed to speak your mind, and you're able to be 100% yourself? Were you meant to be born in India, where the culture is as colorful as the food? Or should you have been born in Norway, the land of the intellectuals, where the standard of living is high but the climate is also very cold?

If you really want to know what country and culture match your heart, mind, and spirit perfectly, answer the questions in our quiz. We'll analyze your responses and give you the answers you've been longing for your entire life. Then you can bring the news to your parents and ask for a redo in your next life.

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