What Crystal Does Your Soul Reside In?

Cammy Pedroja

Are you a morning person?

What best describes your home decor?

Which of these vacations would you pick?

If you close your eyes and imagine the color of your soul, what do you see?

Which of these "good moods" sounds like you?

What genre is your go-to mood music?

Which piece of jewelry would you most like to inherit from a weird relative?

What pet do you have or would you like to have?

Which of these good traits do you have in spades?

What major challenge would you most like to conquer?

What's your beverage of choice when you go out?

What charitable cause would you support?

Which of these meals makes your mouth water?

How would you rate your cleanliness/messiness?

Which guided meditation do you most need right now?

What's your favorite exercise to get your blood pumping?

What kind of car do you drive (or wish you did)?

When you get sick, what hits you the worst?

What sounds the most like your awesome personal style?

What of the following tragedies makes you the saddest?

What would you do with an extra day off?

What regret do you have about your life so far?

Which version of "that friend" are you?

Which self-help book should you read?

What midnight snack will you have tonight?

If you switched career paths right now, what would you choose?

Which of these gifts would you be happiest to receive?

Which of these traits do you most appreciate in a partner?

Which of these do you wish you wrote?

Which super power do you wish you had?

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About This Quiz

Using crystals for divination, healing and self-reflection has become more and more popular recently, but this metaphysical practice has ancient roots. Since around the beginning of recorded history all the way through contemporary pop culture, crystals have been close to the heart of human spirituality. 

Crystal practitioners have long believed that crystals have the ability to change your luck, heal your ailments, cleanse your energy and even set you on a path to greatness. The ancient Romans and Greeks used them to decorate their homes and places of worship, as well as to adorn their bodies, all with the belief that exposure to these special stones could improve their lot in life. 

Many people today use them for healing, intention-setting, meditation or to help control the energy in their homes. It's also common practice nowadays to wear crystals or carry them in a pocket or bag to help protect or nourish the spirit. 

What role do crystals play in your life? You're likely to prefer and connect with some crystals more than others. And whenever you really connect with a crystal, the belief is that you either need its particular healing powers or you already embody that particular crystal's traits beautifully. 

Everyone is different, so how can you learn which crystal will be the most powerful for you? What is it you need in your life to connect with your true path? Answer these questions to find out what crystal your soul connects with and resides in.

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