What Decade Should You Have Been Born In?

Allison Lips

Which late night talk show host do you wish was still on television?

Which outdated slang term do you find yourself using all the time?

What do you wish was your primary source of getting news updates?

You're spending the night out on the town; how do you refer to your local hang out?

If you owned a radio station, which genre would you focus on?

When you're walking around town, which men's hairstyle do you wish you saw more men rocking?

Who do you feel had the greatest impact on Hollywood?

You long for the days when you could get which magazine at the newsstand?

What dish are you bringing to the office potluck?

Which part of our solar system do you wish we had a better understanding of?

You're given an unlimited budget to buy your next car, which one will you cruising down the street in?

If you could only watch one iconic TV show for the rest of you life, which one would it be?

Which heartthrob do you wish you could meet?

Which is your favorite movie remake?

When it's December, which holiday song are you playing on repeat?

You're at the convenience store and can only buy one candy bar; which one are you choosing?

Which historical era do you find the most fascinating?

Which comic book character or superhero can you rely on to save the day?

Which TV show do you wish real life was more like?

Which sports star is the greatest of all time?

Which women's fashion do you wish would come back?

You're dragged onto the dance floor at a wedding; which dance do you break out?

Which invention would you be lost without?

Where would you have loved to go on vacation as a child?

You're in the need to make a quick dinner, what are you serving?

Out of the following, who is your favorite female movie star?

A group of friends is meeting at your house, what game are you planning on playing?

If you could only watch one Disney movie for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Which book do you believe should be mandatory reading for kids?

What would you have loved to be able to do as a kid?

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About This Quiz

Every decade has its own zeitgeist. The roaring 20s were a time when women cut their hair and exercised their new-found freedom. The '40s were a post-war decade, but in the '50s the world bounced back, and families gathered around an invention called the television that became mainstream with shows like "I Love Lucy" dominating the airwaves. 

The '50s culture was disrupted mid-'60s with the youth counterculture challenging the old guard and embracing new ideals. In some ways, the '70s were an extension of the '60s because many of the ideas that were radical became commonplace. In the '80s, kids began to have a bigger say in the household, and more media was marketed directly toward them. This trend continued into the '90s. However, the '90s saw rapid technological innovations in the form of the internet, which went from being mostly found on college campuses to becoming readily available to your average family.

While it's theoretically possible for you to be reading this and have lived through each previously mentioned decade, it's highly unlikely. You also cannot take a time machine and go back to explore the decades for yourself. That's why this quiz will help you find which decade is the right one for you!

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