Quiz: What Degree Should You Go Back to College For?
What Degree Should You Go Back to College For?
By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

There are many reasons that people choose to return to school. Once we get a sense of the things that are motivating you, there's a good chance that we can nail down the field of study that's a perfect fit for your interests and skills.

Perhaps you've achieved all the financial success you could ask for, or you've decided that the rat race is simply not something you were meant to be a part of. If you find yourself doodling in the margins of paperwork and milk spilled on the floor makes you want to grab your camera, there's a chance that a degree in fine arts might be calling out to you.

Maybe you spend nearly every waking hour of your day in front of a computer. If you're someone who has at least a basic understanding of one or more computer languages and you always have the very latest in smartphone technology at your fingertips, a potentially lucrative degree in computer science might be just what you're looking for.

The virtual guidance counselor's door swings open, and you are invited in. Just get comfortable and answer the following questions honestly. We'll have you ready to register for your first classes in no time.

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