What Dessert Represents You in Bed?

Zoe Samuel

Are you more nuanced than people think?

Do you love to bring toys into the mix?

Are you even better than you look?

Are you everyone's cup of tea?

Is your body complicated to operate?

How often do you surprise your lover?

Have you ever... deflated... at an inopportune moment?

Do you ever just lie there?

How spicy are you?

Are you too sweet for words?

Do you sometimes get air in the strangest places?

Do people sometimes just not understand how you do that thing with your body?

Do you like to mix it up?

Do you like to be shared?

Are you highly responsive?

Do you melt when things get really hot?

Be honest. Are you super hot?

Can you be really frigid when you're not in the mood?

Do you love to make a huge mess?

Do you think you're good for your partners, emotionally speaking?

Does a little of you go a long way?

Do you need to be warmed up first?

How long do you last?

Do your lovers ever feel like they've taken on too much with you?

How satisfying are you?

Do you simply demand to be eaten?

Does it take a pro to really get the best out of you?

Do you like to indulge in nontraditional locations?

Once they've been with you, can your partners bear to be with anyone else ever again?

Are you just a little nutty?

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About This Quiz

As anyone who calls themselves a foodie knows, the best meals always end with the best course: dessert. Capping off the probably savory delights of the entree with the usually sweet offerings of a lovely pudding, mousse, parfait, or cake is a cultural and emotional way to signal that the meal is coming to a close and that you have been fully satisfied. As the last part of the meal, dessert also indicates that it is time to move on to other parts of the evening. Sometimes this simply means going home or to bed - but sometimes it means a lovely drink, some flirtation, and perhaps a little unclothed snuggle time with your boo.

This means the dessert often sets the tone for what is to come and bears easy comparison for WHO is to come. Like lovers, desserts come in all varieties. Some are sweet and spicy, while others are dark and delicious. Some are full of surprises while others are more of a "What you see is what you get" type of deal. Some are hot, others are cold, and some are a shocking but sexy combination of the two. Others are just tragically deflated.

Which of these sounds like you? Let's find out!

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