Quiz: What Do Girls Like About You?
What Do Girls Like About You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/OJO+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Some people say that dating is harder than it has ever been before. Others say the actual problem is that it has become entirely too easy. People are selecting from an infinite pool and using tools to do it that are inherently badly suited to the task of figuring out human relationships. An algorithm on some app can ask you whether you think wanting kids is important, and that's a fair question But it can't figure out how to weight a genuinely important dealbreaker like that against something that's simply a preference that you care deeply about right now but might feel differently about in a few years. This means it's easy to meet an overwhelming number of very wrong people - and of course, if it's so easy, anyone who ISN'T constantly meeting people is made to feel like some sort of leper.

It's thus doubly important to figure out what's actually attractive about you. Sure, you can ask yourself what you're looking for, but you also need to know what you have to offer - and you need to know whether it's what today's women actually want. Gone are the days when simply being a provider who didn't beat his wife made you a catch. Now, you have to actually listen to the woman in your life, who is seeking a partner and best friend who will cheerlead for her dreams as surely as she does for yours. You have to respect her autonomy. In return, she will help co-provide for the family, which takes great pressure off you and makes you free to pursue a more rounded life, including much more time with your kids. What do you bring to this new, modern table? Let's find out!

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Can you always find the comedy in a situation?

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Do you have close friendships with men in which you talk about real feelings?

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What field do you work in?

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If something goes a little awry during sex, what's your first reaction?

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What job would be your dream role for your wife or girlfriend to have?

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What quality really turns you on in a woman?

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Do you get along with your mother?

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What's your idea of a great gift for your lady friend?

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Do you make a proactive point to be an ally to people less powerful than yourself?

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Would you make a fool of yourself to make your lady love laugh?

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