Quiz: What Do You Know About 19th Century Battles Involving America?
What Do You Know About 19th Century Battles Involving America?
By: John Miller
Image: Amédée Forestier

About This Quiz

At the end of the 18th century, the United States won its independence from Britain in the American Revolution. In the wake of that momentous victory, the U.S. promptly disbanded its standing army, which it felt was at odds with the principles of liberty it fought to obtain. In the 1800s, though, the U.S. military grew in might and engaged in history-changing combat all around the world. In this gunpowder-heavy quiz, do you think you know famous U.S. battles of the 19th century?

After the Revolution, things were understandably, well, uncomfortable between the U.S. and Britain. As America grew in power, so too did Britain’s resentment. The two powers clashed again in the War of 1812. Do you recall the bloody – and ultimately, nearly pointless – battles of this often-forgotten war?

As the U.S. Army and Navy grew, so did its sphere of influence. America found itself fighting in Mexico and the Philippines. Then, of course, the country went to war with itself, and President Lincoln and his generals fought to preserve the Union.

Hoist Old Glory, grab your Henry rifle, and get ready to rock 19th-century style! Jump into the fray of this 19th century battle quiz now!

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