Quiz: What Do You Know About Ice Fishing?
What Do You Know About Ice Fishing?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

If you live in the upper northern states or Canada, there are two seasons each year, winter and almost winter. Although that's a joke, it can feel like that, if you don't embrace winter and winter activities. That's why ice fishing is ideal. 

You can enjoy the beauty of winter, right on the ice, yet still stay warm enough with your shelter, portable heater, and warm, waterproof clothes. And you're doing something productive whether it's fishing for dinner or just enjoying the excitement of the tug of the line, the fight, the beauty of your catch, and the release. 

Best of all is the ability to be anywhere on the lake without using a boat. You can find that perfect fishing spot as long as you don't crowd the other ice fishermen. And then there's the absolute peace and quiet to enjoy. No boats cruising on the lake or river. Just the wind in the trees, the twittering of birds, and the rhythmic sounds of nature within the vast silence. 

It's a soul-warming experience as long as you're prepared with an auger, ice rod, bucket and rod holder. And be sure to pick a safe spot. Early in the year, shallow water is a smarter bet than deep water. And if you see other anglers, the thickness of the ice is probably at a safe depth. Winter can be a wonderland. Recall the joy of being first on the ice with this quiz. 

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