Quiz: What Do You Know About the British Royal Air Force During WWII?
What Do You Know About the British Royal Air Force During WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: Baker L (Fg Off), Royal Air Force official photographer

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In the history of military throwdowns, few confrontations match the urgency and implications of the Battle of Britain in World War II. It was then that Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) came of age, blistering the skies above the English Channel in hopes of sending Hitler’s minions into the sea. In our RAF quiz, we’ll see what you know about the courageous pilots who manned Britain’s air force in the Second World War!

When the Allies learned of Germany’s illegal military buildup, they began arming themselves, too. As part of those defenses, Britain built more planes and trained more pilots for the RAF. Air power, they knew, would be critical in the event of German aggression. Do you know how the RAF prepared for the coming fight?

Just a few thousand strong at the war’s outset, the RAF bloomed into a much bigger – and much deadlier – force during the conflict. Some pilots survived the German onslaught and became famous. Other (unlucky) aircrews flew a single mission and then perished. How much do you know about RAF casualties in WWII?

The RAF flew both offensive and defensive missions. Armed to the teeth with Spitfires and Lancasters, they pummeled Nazi fighters and bombers night and day. Brave the deadly skies in our RAF WII quiz. Perhaps you will become a British ace … or maybe you’ll crash and burn in this tough World War II test!

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