Quiz: What Do You Know About the History of Oil?
What Do You Know About the History of Oil?
By: John Miller
Image: FredJackson2828

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Our modern world is made of oil. Every day of the year, the United States consumes about 18.9 million barrels of the slippery black stuff. Oil is not only a vital fuel supply, but also an important ingredient in many products such as plastics. If this murky substance suddenly disappeared, our very civilization would crumble. In this quiz, what do you really know about the history of oil and its production?

Oil is a naturally occurring liquid that’s found in deposits all over the world. In some places, like the Middle East, the goo is practically bursting out of the ground. In fact, the Middle East is home to about 80% of the Earth’s known oil reserves, one reason some of the countries there are so wealthy. But oil is found in a lot of other places, too, like Venezuela, where disruptive politics have impoverished the country in spite of its natural wealth. What do you really know about oil and the way people wield its power?

Businessmen only really understood the energy potential of oil in fairly recent times. Before the late 1800s, oil was used only for a random assortment of products. Settlers used it to grease their wagon axles. Some people used it to make torches burn brighter and longer. Do you know which inventions really created a demand for oil?

Once oil became more valuable, men had to figure out how to get it out of the ground. Then, they needed ways to transport and refine the oil. In short, the stuff spawned countless industrial innovations and wound up in a mind-boggling array of products.

Dive into this fathomless oil quiz now! Let’s see how much you really know about this incredibly useful substance.

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