Quiz: What Do You Know About the Major Turning Points of the American Revolution?
What Do You Know About the Major Turning Points of the American Revolution?
By: Nathan
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As Britain’s New World colonies grew in size, they also grew in economic potential – and King George’s men intended to wring every bit of revenue from their subjects across the Atlantic. In reaction, colonists' resentments grew irrepressible, and the American Revolution exploded with rage. But the Patriots were outnumbered and outgunned against the world’s best army. In this rebellious quiz, what do you know about the major turning points of the American Revolution?

At first, British regular troops were amused by disorganized colonial militiamen, who had little training and no battlefield experience. It wasn’t long, though, before the British realized that the Patriots weren’t going to “fight fair,” that is, in traditional pitched battles with long, straight lines of troops marching toward one another. Instead, the rebels had the gall to hide behind rocks and fences, fire a shot or two … and then run away. What do you know about American fighting tactics in the face of overwhelming British forces?

The fighting began when the British set off to the disarm colonial upstarts. But with a cry of, “the British are coming,” everything changed. Blood was shed, and there was no turning back for the Patriots.

Follow George Washington and his general into the fray of the Battle of Bunker Hill, and hold fast at the Battle of Saratoga! Take this turning points of the American Revolution quiz now!

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