Quiz: What Do You Know About the Major Turning Points of WWII?
What Do You Know About the Major Turning Points of WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

In every armed conflict, politicians and generals make the decisions that can completely alter the war’s outcome. And during the Second World War, the stakes were never higher. As the Axis of Germany, Italy and Japan threatened to consume the globe, the Allies rose up in opposition. In this incredible quiz, what do you know about the biggest turning points of World War II?

Before it ended, WWII ensnared almost every country on the face of the planet. As Hitler’s forces rocked Europe and North Africa, the Empire of the Rising Sun captured island after island in the Pacific Theater. In 1939 and 1940, it seemed as though nothing could stop their relentless attacks. What do you recall about the critical points of the early war?

French lines crumbled. Britain quavered in the shadow of the Luftwaffe. America was shattered at Pearl Harbor. Everywhere, it seemed, evil triumphed. But the Royal Air Force held fast. And the United States, spurred by one surprise attack, girded for a war of survival. Do you know which battles marked major shifts in the war’s momentum?

From Warsaw to Paris, from Okinawa to Hawaii, it wasn’t just a war – it was the apocalypse. Take this WWII quiz now and see what you know about the turning points of this legendary conflict!

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