Quiz: What Do You Know About the Naval Battles of WWII?
What Do You Know About the Naval Battles of WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: USN

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The Second World War saw the biggest ground battles in the history of humankind. In places like Stalingrad and Leningrad, millions and millions of troops fought and died as the Allies and Axis desperately fought for survival. But the war spread to the oceans, too, where thousands of ships large and small tried to sink each other using mines, torpedoes and aircraft launched from flight decks. In this water-soaked quiz, what do you really know about the naval battles of World War II?

World War II was truly a total war, one in which countries amassed all of their resources in order to defeat their enemies. By land, by air and by sea, they fought with modern weapons of all kinds. But one kind of ship in particular made an immense impact on the war, particularly in the Pacific Theater. Do you know which ship it was? It was, of course, the aircraft carrier, deployed by both Japan and the United States, these monstrous ships became icons of the fight.

Aircraft carriers allowed navies to extend their reach and influence by hundreds of miles. Suddenly, navy battles weren’t limited to the range of a ship’s guns – the battles raged far from the ships themselves, as fighters and dive bombers tangled in the skies. Do you recall major ship battles that were decided by air power?

From Pearl Harbor to the Battle of the Java Sea, the Imperial Navy looked unstoppable. Plunge into the waters of this WWII navy battles quiz now!

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