Quiz: What Do You Know About the USO?
What Do You Know About the USO?
By: Ann
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Some of the most famous celebrities of all time have performed for our troops. The history of the United Service Organizations is as surprising as it is fun, and in this quiz we're going to explore it all!

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When was the USO founded?
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Who requested the USO be formed?
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What year did Marilyn Monroe perform in Korea?
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The creation of the USO is associated with which war?
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How many private organizations contributed to the formation of the USO?
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The USO is famous for handing out ____.
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Did Robin Williams perform for the USO?
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The USO seeks to give soldiers a sense of _____.
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Did the USO ever take a break?
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When did the USO come back into service?
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When did the USO dedicate themselves to both peacetime and wartime operations?
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Who was the first entertainer to perform in a combat zone?
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The first USO show in a combat zone was in what country?
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Bob Hope performed in USO television specials for which holiday?
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In 1985, the USO moved to new headquarters named ______ .
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Stephen Colbert enlisted in which military branch?
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Who shaved Stephen Colbert's head?
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The longest-running USO tour is ______ .
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During WWII, how many USO clubs were there?
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Today, the USO has how many locations?
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Some USO locations used to have ____.
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USO snack bars once sold _____.
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Where was the USO Stage Door Canteen?
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In the USO Hollywood Canteen, would stars do the dishes?
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USO clubs were run by a _____.
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Junior hostesses often _____.
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When did mobile USOs begin?
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How much money did the USO raise during WWII?
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How many USO entertainers died during WWII?
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The Honolulu USO was famous for what?
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The USO helped to start the _____.
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How many volunteers does the USO have today?
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Sammy Davis Jr. performed with the USO during which war?
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Scarlett Johansson visited _____.
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