What Do You Really Want in a Man?

Jennifer Post

How do you feel about a man who has no respect for authority?

Do you want a man who says all the right things or who does all the right things?

If you're out with a man and he is rude to a waiter, is that a deal breaker for you?

Should the man you're with think of your needs before his own?

How many times would you put up with your man lying to you before you kick him to the curb?

Is it important to you that your man share in the same religion?

When you bring up marriage and kids, how should your man react?

Your man might be around for the long haul, so how meaningful is it that he gets along with your family?

If you're in an argument, do you want your man to fight for what he believes in or cave to your feelings?

Would you ever date a guy who you went to high school with?

Do you think you could stay with a man if he has cheated in a relationship before, even if not on you?

How early into a relationship would you want to verbally express your love for each other?

What's the number one thing you want a man to bring to the relationship?

Would you want to know if your man was about to propose to you?

To show affection, would you rather your man perform acts of kindness or thrill you random hugs?

If you felt like your man was hiding something from you, how hard would you want to pry before he opens up?

Do you need your man to trust you blindly and vice versa?

Is it better when your man plans dates or just goes along with whatever you want to do?

How important is it that a man is able to apologize?

Imagine your man wanted to play video games for hours on end. Would you be OK with that?

When it comes time to get married, how involved would you want your man in the planning?

Can a relationship built on physical attraction last?

What would you do if you felt like your man just didn't understand your feelings?

It's a little thing, but do you like when men walk on the street side of the sidewalk to protect you?

What if you like someone, but don't feel that "spark" everyone talks about?

Imagine you're coming up on your first anniversary. Is it expected that the man plans something to do?

In terms of physicality, what is usually your "type"?

Would it bother you if a man you're dating still talked to his exes?

What trait do you look for in someone to determine if they'd be a good father?

Should a man carry the relationship financially?

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About This Quiz

You know how people refer to a proverbial "they" when talking in general statements? Like, who are they? Anyway, "they" say that you should find a partner who loves your family, treats you well, would make a good dad, etc. but is that the be-all and end-all? Who is to actually say what type of man is right for every type of person seeking a man? Maybe you don't want kids, so it doesn't matter to you if the man you are with wants kids or not? Maybe what it really comes down to is finding a man who has the same values as you and wants the same things out of life, whatever they may be.

Finding someone to spend time with, especially romantic time, is never easy. But putting so many requirements on it makes it even harder. Shouldn't it just be about a feeling you get when you're with that person and not how they look in photos or how desirable they are to other people? No shame whatsoever if that's how you choose a man, but it doesn't have to only be those things. So how will you know what you really want in a man? Take this quiz and we'll tell you!

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