Quiz: What Do You Remember About 1968?
What Do You Remember About 1968?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

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If the 20th century was the most change-filled century in the history of humankind, the 1960s were shorthand for just how quickly societies could transform. And within the ‘60s, no year was quite so striking as 1968. It is often called “the year that changed history,” packed with major political events that made headlines with violence, bloodshed, suffering, and chaos. In this battered and bruised quiz, what will you remember about 1968?

You can’t mention 1968 without touching on the political eruptions that happened all around the world. The Vietnam War was becoming more savage and brutal, and journalists were there to capture some of the worst moments, spreading the news far and wide … and drastically impacting public perceptions of the conflict. What do you know about the war that just wouldn’t end?

In America, the Civil Rights movement was finally seeing the fruits of its efforts. Federal civil rights legislation was signed into law, and minorities celebrated their gains. In the same breath, they gasped in horror at the killing of their leader, Martin Luther King Jr. What do you know about the racial conflicts, triumphs and failures that occurred in 1968?

But 1968 wasn’t all terrible. Technological and artistic boundaries were stretched. The first ATM opened in Philadelphia. Heart transplant procedures improved. Airbags for cars were invented (but wouldn’t become common for decades), and NASA was poised for its most famous mission ever. What do you know about the topsy-turvy year that was 1968?

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