Quiz: What do you remember about 'The Jetsons'? Quiz
What do you remember about 'The Jetsons'? Quiz
By: Allie T.
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Do you remember the name of the Jetson family dog or their surprisingly sassy robot maid? Know the name of the place where George worked for the short-tempered Mr. Spacely? Prove your knowledge of this classic cartoon with our quiz on "The Jetsons!"

To understand why "The Jetsons" was so remarkable - and still beloved by fans to this day - take a look back at 1962 when the show premiered. Remember, this was seven full years before man made it to the moon, but the American obsession with outer space and futurism was already growing. Just as the Space Race was taking shape, "The Jetsons" came on TV and gave viewers a series like nothing seen before -- one with flying cars, houses in the clouds, tube travel and robot maids who would do all of your dirty work without being paid.

In addition to its timely futuristic theme, "The Jetsons" helped to drew viewers because it was unlike anything they had seen on television before. While most kiddie programming of the period featured clowns, puppets or short segments with little story progression, "The Jetsons" was story-driven with real-life issues faced by everyday families. It was a prime-time animated series in a time when the concept was brand new, and when cartoons were relegated to afternoon time slots.

Think you know everything there is to know about this space-age family? Take our quiz to find out!

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