What Do Your Least Favorite Foods Say About You?

Teresa M.

How do you feel about grits?

Do you prefer broccoli steamed or raw?

Do you like lentils?

Which kind of cheese do you like the least?

Do you like rye bread?

Have you ever tried octopus?

What word comes to mind when you hear the word haggis?

Do you prefer sweet pickles or dill pickles?

How do you feel about cole slaw?

What flavor ice cream would you never try?

How do you like your spinach?

Do you like deviled eggs?

What is the best way to eat okra?

Which kind of yogurt do you prefer?

Do you like grapefruit?

Do you like coconuts?

What should never be combined with chocolate?

What kind of pie are you least likely to order?

How do you feel about onions?

Which condiment do you like the least?

How do you feel about veggie burgers?

What do you like most about hot dogs?

Would you ever try bubble tea?

Would you ever eat beef tongue?

How do you prefer your steak to be cooked?

Do you like mushrooms?

If green beans were put on your plate, would you eat them?

Do you like anchovies?

Which appetizer sounds least appealing to you?

Do you enjoy eating artichokes?

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About This Quiz

While the consensus around the office is that Funyons are nasty, there are a few oddballs in accounting that drain the vending machine every week! We're not sure if they do it to put up an onion-scented shield, or if they actually enjoy them. What we do know is that there's something their love of Funyons says about them that the rest of us are lacking! 

As you fill us in on your least favorite foods, we are sure to pick up something about your vibe. Being put off by jellied eels means that you do not like seafood to you, but to us, it means that you have good, old-fashioned common sense! We are not here to judge you by your culinary likes or dislikes: we're here simply to gather the information represented and determine the thing that stands out most about you! Could it be that you secretly wanted to be a princess when you were young, or that you have one of the most ambitious minds on the planet? 

This quiz is not a taste test, so you can put your gag reflex away. Remember to give us your honest reactions to the foods we present. Then, we'll tell you something we learned about you! 

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