Quiz: What Do Your Military Opinions Say About You?
What Do Your Military Opinions Say About You?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Here's a fact that is true whether you love the military or give it all the side-eye: nobody loves war. War is hell. It's the last resort, the option that has to be explored only in the most extreme of circumstances. Sure, it's glamorized in movies or on TV, but nobody who has actually experienced it is deluded by such things. 

War is about people being cut up, families losing members to death or simply to the chaos that can separate them, homes being destroyed, businesses closing and jobs disappearing. It's about everything a person has ever known and loved being torn away in the most brutal possible manner.

It may be counter-intuitive to some, but it's the very horror of war that makes it wise to have an effective military. Partly it's a matter of deterring invasion or illegal behavior that would require military intervention - that is, stopping at least some wars before they start. Partly it's because if you have the better military when you must fight, you fight on your own terms and you win faster. You also minimize civilian casualties and infrastructure damage. 

Lastly, it empowers the military to perform its humanitarian and day-to-day security missions, such as providing aid after natural disasters and preventing piracy on key trade routes. This is good for both ally, trading partner, and even enemies.

How do you feel about the way the military should be run, or how it should execute these very important duties? Tell us, and we'll figure out what sort of patriot you are!

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