Quiz: What Does Your Body Language Say About You?
What Does Your Body Language Say About You?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Have you ever thought about what your body language says to the world? From acknowledging the annoying neighbor to the way you slump at your desk after lunch, your body language tells those around you more than you realize! As we go through the body language quiz, we are going to gauge the message you are using your body to send.

We are not talking about those of you who talk with your hands when you have exciting news. We're talking about what our everyday way of using our bodies says to others. You might not realize that having a little pep in your step tells your coworkers that something exciting happened over the weekend, but isn't it amazing how they always know? 

The unconscious movements we make every day send signals to those around us. While some are too busy to notice, some folks pick up on our body language immediately. Nevertheless, it's important that you are sending the messages you want to send!

Share your mannerisms and your lifestyle with us, and we are confident we'll be able to tell you what your body language really says about you. You might be surprised! We're ready to find out - want to shake on it?

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