What Does Your Palm Say About Your Love Life?

Marie Hullett

Which hand is your dominant hand?

Take a look at your dominant hand. How many horizontal lines on your palm do you see underneath your pinky finger?

Which of these best describes the lines under your pinky?

The deeper crease that runs along the top portion of your palm is called the heart line. How long is this line?

Does your heart line exhibit any forks near the end?

Your "head line" is the large crease located below the heart line, at around the middle of the palm. What is yours like?

In which direction does your heart line curve?

Is your heart line broken or fully intact?

Some heart lines are shaped liked an iron chain. Is yours?

Some heart lines have small triangles above or below them. Does yours have a triangle?

Does your palm have a double heart line?

A feathered heart line (with a faint, short lines both above and below it) reveals someone who is very passionate. Do you have either of these lines?

As they say, X marks the spot. Does your heart line have an X on it?

Now, face your palms toward you, with your pinkies touching. When comparing your hands side-by-side, which one has a higher heart line?

When comparing all the lines on your left and right palms, do they look mostly similar or totally different?

Is your palm wider and longer than your fingers?

Every finger except the thumb is separated by three phalanges: the lower, middle and upper. What is your lower phalange like?

Which shape are your fingertips?

Which hand shape most closely matches yours?

Let's take a look at your thumb. Which one of these features does it have?

The lowest of the three major creases on the palm is called the life line. What is yours like?

Now let's take a look at your fate line, which is a mostly vertical crease that extends from the bottom of the palm toward the middle finger. Which best describes your fate line?

Back to your life line. Does it have any short perpendicular lines, tassels or Xs?

Is your life line (the crease nearest to your thumb) solid or broken?

The sunline reveals insight about one's unique passions and personal goals. What's yours like?

Do you have any intuition lines, which are typically mostly vertical creases located between the lifeline and thumb?

Of your heart, head and life lines, which one is the deepest/longest/most prominent?

The lines on your wrist are often called "bracelets." The one closest to your wrist is called your health line. What's yours like?

Would you classify your hands as small, big or average-sized (relative to your overall body size)?

About one in 10 people have a Simian line, which means that the heart and head line are one. It typically indicates a stubborn character. Do you have the Simian crease?

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About This Quiz

People have practiced palmistry since ancient times, particularly in India, China, Tibet, Persia, Sumeria, Palestine and Babylonia. Historians think it possibly originated from Hindu astrology, as several thousand years ago a Hindu sage known as Valmiki reportedly wrote a book entitled "The Teachings of Valmiki Maharshi on Male Palmistry." From there, the practice spread all over, including to Greece, where the ancient philosopher Anaxagoras adopted the art. 

Today, a diverse range of people have tried their hand at it. No matter where you live, most likely, you can likely find a fully-fledged palm reader somewhere near you. This practice typically involves the person being read providing their dominant hand for a reading, which is sometimes considered to represent the conscious mind. Meanwhile, the other hand is often thought to represent hereditary traits, or sometimes to garner information about past lives. 

In classical palmistry, which is rooted in Greek mythology, the various creases on the palm foretell a variety of intimate insight about someone's career, health or love life. However, since the lines on your palm lengthen, ebb and change over the course of one's life, these readings are never set in stone. So, if you don't like your reading today, don't fear—you might just need to wait a few years. 

Whether you believe in the art of palmistry or deem it a bunch of hocus pocus, find out what your palm reveals about your love life through the help of the following quiz! 

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